The Kitchen

Completed just before the winter in 1854, the two-story building provided mess for the entire fort.  In addition to cooking and storage areas, it also contained a large dining area with wooden tables and benches.  All grains and coffee had to be ground, and a smoke house provided curing for the fort.  In the summer a garden was kept and food was usually plentiful; however during the winter starvation occasionally was a peril to reckon with.  Two yearly feasts were held, on Christmas and the Fourth of July.  The table was set with the fort's own tinware and everyone brought their knife.  Meat was the main item on the menu, mostly buffalo; a change was provided with elk, deer, antelope and some pork.  Dairy products were available along with imported staples such as flour, beans, corn, rice and coffee as well as spices including salt, pepper and mustard.

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