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Old Forts


The very routes traversed over 100 years ago by wagons supplying the illegal whiskey trade, by the U.S. Cavalry as they patrolled the international border, and by the NWMP who brought peace to a troubled west.

Discover the wealth and power of influential merchants I.G. Baker & T.C. Power, the dramatic campaigns north and south of the border by military leaders Colonel Miles & Colonel Otter, as well as how the distinguished careers of famous NWMP like James Macleod & James Morrow Walsh helped change the course of history.

Retrace the lives of Sitting Bull and the Lakota as they fled from the United States after the Battle of The Little Bighorn, Chief Crowfoot as he led the mighty Blackfoot Confederacy through the negotiation of Treaty #7, and the triumph and tragedy of the Cree & Métis as they struggled for recognition during the 1885 conflict.