Montana's Lewis and Clark Memorial

Fort Benton
      The Birthplace of MontanaTM

Montana's Lewis and Clark Memorial

As you journey along the Lewis & Clark Trail... stop in Fort Benton, home of the State of Montana's Lewis & Clark Memorial.  The heroic sized statue is located on Fort Benton's steamboat levee, next to the Missouri River.  The statue commemorates the Lewis & Clark Expedition and the days they spent at the mouth of Maria's River determining the route to the Pacific Ocean.

The heroic sized statue by renowned western artist Bob Scriver, depicts Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea with her infant son.  The memorial commemorates the nine days the Corps of Discovery camped at the confluence of the Marias River and Missouri River while exploration determined which river was actually the Missouri and the way to the Pacific.

Walk along the river shore where Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery once walked.  Visit the site near the old river crossing, along the walking trail, across from Old Fort Park, where Capt. Lewis, Drouillard, and the Field brothers met Sgt. Ordway's party on the Missouri River July 1806.

Take the short drive to the Camp Decision scenic overlook, near the community of Loma.  Here, at the mouth of the Missouri River and Marias River, the Corps of Discovery made the decision "Which Way to the Pacific".


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